"musical diversions"

The Classical - Kate Bush

Celebremos el fin de año con unos videos de mi idolatrada Kate Bush. Singles en orden cronológico:

wuthering heights

the man with the child in his eyes

them heavy people


strange phenomena

hammer horror


symphony in blue

december will be magic again



army dreamers

sat in your lap

the dreaming

there goes a tenner

suspended in gaffa

running up that hill

cloudbusting (¡con Donald Sutherland!, increíble)

hounds of love

the big sky

experiment IV

the sensual world

this woman's work - es sensacional pero no dejan insertarlo: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm901CXujEg clica, pone los pelos de punta.

love and anger

rubberband girl

king of the mountain

y como extra, alejándose en un ataúd en "the kick inside"...

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kek-w dijo...

Merry Christmas!

have a great one!

Evaristo dijo...

thanks Kek. same to you.